How To Add JDBC Drivers

First you need to download the JDBC driver for your database. Source you find in the table below.

Now you have a package with many files. This package includes JDBC URL, driver class and driver. The driver normally is a packed archive (*.jar). Copy this archive in subfolder "/driver". Search for manual/help. There you can find the exact JDBC URL and the name of the driver class. Type in the driver class and JDBC URL(s) in "/driver/driver.xml" according to the template in the file.


Driver for PostgreSQL ist included. If your database is listed in the table below you can follow the link.

For free databases (e. g. PostgreSQL) use the short way to the homepage of the provider.

For commercial databases first check the several installation CDs belonging to your database. Sometimes you will find there the JDBC driver. Please stop searching after 10 minutes or before loosing mental control and try next step.

Providers often offer drivers to download or refer to a commercial driver provider.

If you couldn't make a strike you can look for Sun driver list ( ) or for .

Database Driver Name
MySQL mysql-connector-java-3.1.8-bin.jar
PostgreSQL postgresql-9.0-801.jdbc4.jar
iSeries (Toolbox includes driver) jt400.jar (3,8 MB) v4.0
MS SQL Server und Sybase