sqleditor intends to suppert your communication with SQL databases. You are able to execute SQL statements and see the result. It's for free.

The current version 0.9.4 from 12/08/2010 is a beta version. In comparision with version 0.9.3 the following is changed:
- sqleditor is tested on Linux (Ubuntu).

Known bugs:
- sqleditor isn't tested on Mac yet.
- Print formating is a bit raw.

Because sqleditor is implemented in Java, you are able to work with any databases with existing JDBC driver. See also Drivers.

For the same reason sqleditor runs on most operating systems. However you need a Java Runtime Environment. See also Installation.

sqleditor is subdivided into 3 parts: in the first part you can connect to the database, in the second you can create statements supported by direct help and execute them, the third part shows the results. The parts are explained under 1, 2 and 3