Before installing sqleditor your computer needs a Java Runtime Environment (JRE) version 1.5 or newer. If you can't find this on your computer, you can get it from .
System requirements: 128 MB RAM und P II or similar.


Download sqleditor: (1 MB). If you want to reprogram sqleditor, you need the source code: (30 kB).

Extract the downloaded zip to where you want (e. g. c:\program\sqleditor). This will be the sqleditor program folder. Software, that extracts ZIP files, generally extracts JAR files too. (e. g.

To start the program you need to execute the java interpreter with the parameter in the program folder.

Its also possible to use the included start files:
With double klick on startWin.bat the sqleditor starts with Windows, startLin with Linux.

If it is not working: please check JAVA_HOME and PATH for Java. Linux users please check the shell. Windows users append "pause", to keep the command line open. So you can see the messages.

Using Windows you could install sqleditor as follows:
Write cd bin in the first line and java in the next line a text file. The text file is saved as start.bat in program folder (e. g. c:\program\sqleditor\start.bat). With double klick on start.bat the sqleditor starts.

Add JDBC Drivers

Driver for MySQL ist included. If you need other drivers, please look at Driver.

Terms of Using (12. Juli 2005)
sqleditor is for free and open source. All rights by me, Thiemo Kahn. You can do with sqleditor all you want (e. g. copiing, giving away, using, reprograming), as long as you don't limit the rights of me or of the user (e. g. by patent). No liability and responsibility for any damage is taken in relation to sqleditor.